Learn To Make A Light In The Attic, A Riff On The Rum Negroni

In this premiere episode of A.V. Cocktail Club, bartender Laura Kelton of Sportsman's Club in Chicago shares her riff on the venerable rum Negroni.

Kelton's version, which she calls "A Light In The Attic," has sherry playing the role of vermouth, and Cynar—the Italian artichoke-based liqueur—in place of Campari.


When Kelton moved to Chicago two years ago, she was asked during her interview at the Sportsman's Club to make a bitter stirred cocktail. Kelton made this drink, and it won her the job.

A Light In The Attic

1.5 oz rum.75 oz amontillado sherry.75 oz Cynar3 drops mole bitters

Pour over rocks, stir vigorously. Garnish with an orange swath.