Photoshopped Image Of Last Supper With Salt Bae Leads To Journalist's Arrest

Folks, if you're a Takeout reader who lives in these United States, here's your daily reminder to cherish that First Amendment of ours, which says we're protected in saying the stupid shit we sometimes say without the government slapping us on the wrist. Citizens of many countries don't have that privilege, like for example, in Jordan.

A journalist who runs the Al Wakeel News site was arrested Monday according to Jordan's Roya News, after Al Wakeel's Facebook page posted a Photoshopped image of The Last Supper featuring Salt Bae. I mean, it's pretty hilarious:

Salt Bae is, of course, Nusret Gökçe, the Turkish chef/viral sensation who sensually salts medium-rare steaks because steakhouses aren't sexy enough as it is. The journalist who runs the Jordanian news site, Mohammad Al Wakeel, was denied bail as of Tuesday and charged with "incitement of sectarian and religious strife." The Daily Mail reports that if found guilty, jail time could be between six months and three years. Please, no one tell the Jordanian government about this Onion image.