Last Call: Your Biggest Thanksgiving Mishaps, Revealed

Last year, we shared our biggest Thanksgiving Day blunders, and had a blast hearing from readers about their very own. These mishaps range in disastrousness from the spectacular (many, many trips to the ER to stitch up sliced-open hands) to the mundane (a mother who made it all the way to dinnertime without remembering to turn the oven on). In every anecdote, though, you can sense the palpable joy in the retelling. Thanksgiving is a holiday where everyone's working their hardest to achieve a precise and picturesque spread; it is only through our mistakes that we can truly make this dinner our own.

So, bring on the catastrophes! Let's hear about more of your best worst Thanksgiving celebrations. Maybe last year's feast came with its own set of mishaps and you've got fresh stories to tell? In 2019, my own extended family had a fun and uneventful day, though it did involve an overfed two-year-old chasing the overfed new puppy around the living room until one of them had an accident and one of them puked, both on the good rug. As a courtesy to both parties, I won't embarrass them by revealing which was which.