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Last Call: WWE Ice Cream Is Back! WOOOOOOO!

WWE ice cream bars were the best frozen treat that ever was and the best that ever will be, and now they're back, baby! Can I get a hell yeah!

I honestly have no idea why it took so long for this to happen; CM Punk has been hassling the McMahons about this for damn well near a decade, and the WWE loves branded food products, like waffle makers and The Official WWE Cookbook written by... me.

Though I initially considered putting an ice cream bar recipe in the book, it would have been pointless without a picture of The Iron Sheik, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, or any of the '80s greats stenciled on their tasty cakey coating. From the looks of things, the new stick-free ice cream sandwiches will feature John Cena (of course) and three of my favorite wrestlers of all time: the ferocious Becky Lynch, "the guy" Roman Reigns (don't @ me), and Macho Man Randy Frickin' Savage. As happy as I am for these sandwiches, if there were no Macho Man I would have declared them garbage and written a strongly worded op-ed that would've made Vince McMahon cry, like, a lot.

Which wrestler did you hope you'd get when your mom bought you a WWE ice cream bar? Who are you hoping for now? I'm crossing my fingers for Asuka, but I know that's highly unlikely, since no one is ready for Asuka.