Last Call: Why This One Metal Chair Is In Every Restaurant

You know the one. How did it become the chair for restaurants, coffeeshops, and cafes? Vox has a great explainer on the history of the Tolix "A chair," first sold in 1934. Through a combination of marketing, aesthetics, and design trends, this simple piece of furniture—and its knock-offs—became "the chair version of the Edison bulb." [Kate Bernot]

Costco has your perfect Valentine’s dinner, naturally

What did we ever do in life to deserve Costco? The big-box store just gives and gives, offering us culinary treasures we are craving before we even knew we wanted them. On the heels of bomb-shelter Nutella and mac-and-cheese now comes heart-shaped ravioli stuffed with four cheeses for Valentine's Day. Honestly, we can't even think of a cuter V-Day dinner. Sure beats scalding fondue or lobster carnage. Available in two 20-ounce packages for $9.79, stuffed with ricotta, parmesan, mozzarella, and asiago cheeses, with a recipe for sauce right on the back. Where are all the valentines for Costco, is our question. [Gwen Ihnat]