Last Call: Who Else Misses Strangers With Candy?

TruTV's At Home With Amy Sedaris returned last night for a second season of charming hospitality advice, cheese ball recipes, and uncomfortable knife sharpening. Sedaris made a lovely appearance on The Late Show earlier this week to promote the new season, during which host Stephen Colbert's and Sedaris reveal that they'd seen or talked to each other by phone every day for 15 years ("awwwwwww"). A side effect of watching Sedaris and Colbert together, though, was that it reminded me how genius their all-too-brief Comedy Central show Strangers With Candy was. It's a good thing I own the DVDs. [Kate Bernot]

Mimi Kanassis forever

Seconding the Amy Sedaris love. I actually got to talk her about At Home a while back, and she pretty much inspired my obsession with cheeseballs. But I love her in anything, like as the lovely receptionist in Elf, or the mean sister-in-law on Divorce. My favorite Sedaris role, though, might be as Jenna's socialite friend Mim Kanassis on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Sedaris' absolute willingness to dive into another manic role means that I'm thrilled every time she's on screen, even if she's just happily tossing Mentos in her mouth one second and then uncontrollably sobbing a nanosecond later. her over-the-top delivery of every single Mimi line is a showstopper. The show just wrapped up its fourth and final season on Netflix, but I will watch and rewatch until Netflix ceases to exist—for a lot of reasons, but Sedaris' Mimi is up there. [Gwen Ihnat]