Last Call: Which Snacks Deserve A Comeback?

We're in the midst of a snack food renaissance I'm calling The Great Comeback. Dunkaroos snuck back onto store shelves last year, and Doritos put Matthew McConaughey through a taffy puller to promote 3D Doritos over the weekend. I mean, I've got Viennetta in my freezer as we speak. In other words, everything old is new again. But as brands lean hard into nostalgic comforts from years past, some snackers are wondering: where's [insert nostalgic snack here]?

On that note, we'd like to hear from you. What nostalgic snack deserves a reboot? Is there a fast food item of yore that you'd kill to taste just one more time? Have you scoured eBay for a discontinued potato chip only to find a bag selling for five figures? Sound off, fellow snackers.