Last Call: Which Iconic Food Product Came Out The Year You Were Born?

Here, let's do some Tuesday mathematics. If I turn 27 this year, and I've eaten Special K Vanilla Almond cereal for breakfast nearly every morning for the last year, and the commuter train left the station near my apartment around 10 minutes ago, and I just used up the last of my almond milk—which food product came out the year I was born?

Sorry, trick question. Lots of distracting variables there. But, according to a fun roundup recently published in Taste of Home, the answer is Reese's Puffs cereal. The roundup lists iconic food products that were released every year from 1940 (York Peppermint Patties) to 2000 ("gourmet cupcakes," which seems like a bit of a stretch). A cursory scroll through the list reveals that Snackwell's cookies, everyone's favorite cursed diet dessert, came out in 1993, while Orville Redenbacher Popping Corn debuted in 1970. Honestly, this metric seems more accurate than, say, horoscopes. I like to think that people born in the year of the Reese's Puff are fun, but sensible, while folks born in the year of the Big Mac (1968) are always the life of the party. And people born in the year of Bubblicious Bubble Gum (1977)? Well, let's just say they're prone to bursting your bubble.

Curious about food releases the year you were born? Check out the full list here, and report back to let us know which food hit supermarkets during the year you hit the ol' birth canal.