Last Call: Which Foods Aren't Breakfast Foods, But Should Be?

Lesley Suter has quite the take over at Eater this week: she argues that BLTs should be a breakfast food. In laying out the argument, she presents evidence that feels irrefutable, even if the question of breakfast BLTs has never been broached before. It contains toast. It contains bacon. It contains tomatoes, a staple of English breakfasts, if not American ones. And hell, I'd submit that even the mayo counts as a breakfast food since it's made of eggs.

"I don't need to explain to you the beauty of a BLT at lunchtime — the way the sweetness of juicy tomatoes plays off the rich, fatty saltiness of the bacon, and how the lettuce gives heft and, dare I say, a little nutrition to the whole thing," Suter writes. "So then trust me when I say that this magical stack works even better in the morning, when your palate is primed and ready for its unique textural majesty." Consider me convinced! In fact, the heft of a BLT has never felt quite sufficient in the middle of the day, when I'm working and at my most ravenous. Its size would be a better way to start the day rather than bisect it. I just might have to make this for myself tomorrow morning.

It's got us thinking about all the other ways that we might shift our meals around and challenge the notion of what can be consumed when. (Uh, except anything alcoholic.) In France, a slice of apple pie is a perfectly cromulent breakfast, and I've really been meaning to fold that into my own routine, and a piece of leftover Thai crispy chicken I ate at 9 a.m. yesterday was an unexpected delight. What other foods should be bumped up a few hours?