Last Call: Which Condiments That Are Not White And Creamy Disgust You?

This morning we ran a piece by Jerard Fagerberg that investigates why so many people are disgusted by white, creamy condiments. Judging by the responses in the comments, many of you are also disgusted by white, creamy condiments. We're so happy to have brought you all together!

But there is a whole wide world of condiments out there that are not white and creamy but are also disgusting—at least to some people. Mine is mustard. I don't like ketchup, either, but mustard is so assertive, it's impossible to ignore. I'm also not especially fond of pickle relish because, to me, it looks like boogers. My colleague Allison Robicelli also dislikes relish because, in her opinion, pickles should never be sweet. Takeout editor Marnie Shure refuses to eat any ketchup described as "house made" because that's just code for "too sweet and chunky."

Which colorful condiments disgust you too much to eat?