Last Call: What's The Worst Pizza Topping Imaginable?

Earlier today, Takeout staff writer Dennis Lee reported on Jamie Oliver's deeply unsettling pizza topping of choice: red grapes. Oliver's surfboard-shaped pizza also featured knobs of sausage, red onion, entire sprigs of rosemary, and a sprinkling of pine nuts. It looks... not good. It looks not good.

While off-putting, Oliver's choice wasn't particularly shocking to those of us who write about and prepare food for a living. A while back, I covered every centimeter of a pizza in ground beef, resulting in something I fondly remember as The Big Meat. Dennis once fired off a pizza topped in Easter candy just to see what would happen. (Bad things. Bad things happened.) But there's a difference between an intentionally foul Easter candy pizza and Oliver's offering, which seems like it's supposed to taste... good?

Now, we want to hear from you. What's the weirdest, grossest, most spine-tingling pizza topping you've ever encountered? Where'd you have it? Did it end up tasting good, or have you filed it away into "never again" flavor territory? Bring us your tired, your weary, your chocolate-dipped anchovy pies yearning to break free.