Last Call: What Is The Deal With Instagrammed Airplane Food?

Nobody is flying for the meals, it seems; jokes about the horror of airline food have been around almost as long as Bob Hope's routines about his nose. But now this everyday horror is being monitored, and evaluated, thanks to what else, an Instagram account called @airlinefoodselfie. Users send in their terrible in-flight food pictures (along with the route and flight number), and if the photo is then posted to the account, followers rate the meal on a scale of 1 to 10. Commiseration might help you through that horrific chicken kiev dinner, although business class and first-class passengers are posting as well, just to make the coach reality more painful. [Gwen Ihnat]

Who loves their happy lamp?

I found myself commiserating with my friend Lisa last week about our middle-of-winter doldrums. It's seemingly been gray here in Missoula for weeks, partially a result of this weird weather phenomenon called an inversion, in which clouds and smog get stuck over the valley even as it's sunny just outside of town. Lisa told me that—placebo effect or otherwise—using a sunlight-mimicking HappyLight really did seem to cheer her up. She's generously loaned me hers, which is now blanketing me in a soft, artificial glow. It's only day one, so I can't say I feel a noticeable difference in mood yet, but if these lamps have worked for you, I'd love to hear your success story. [Kate Bernot]