Last Call: We're Mesmerized By This Trippy FKA Twigs Ad For Apple

Enjoy a double dose of FKA Twigs

You guys, this Gizmodo post about the new FKA Twigs-starring, Spike Jonze-directed ad for Apple HomePod is freaking me out! The ad works as an incredible short film, as FKA Twigs comes home from her totally gray life, asks Siri to turn on some music, and soon discovers that she can amazingly transform her entire apartment, opening it up into a vividly colored world of bold and vibrant stripes. When a mirror shows up, she tries to push it away, until her mirror image self beckons her in. Once that happens, the two Twigs do some amazing dancing, and then spin around, until it looks like the mirror image leaves the original version in the darkness and then takes over the original apartment! Right? I'm so freaked out. And yet, can not stop watching. [Gwen Ihnat]


Note: Gizmodo, like The Takeout, is owned by Univision Communications.

Watch this man become a pizza

Gwen's been absorbed in the above visually stunning, lushly artistic FKA Twigs/Apple video; meanwhile, I can't figure out why I spent 3 minutes of my life watching a man get turned into a human pizza. Thank god tomorrow's Friday. [Kate Bernot]