Last Call: Wedding Proposals For Every Appetite

Without overthinking it, I'm glad I have apparently lived the sort of life that prompts multiple people to send me the following tweet, which they did when it went viral yesterday:

"A customer just made us do this," tweeted Josh Raby, a Tennesseean whose Twitter bio identifies him as a writer/director. "I am LOSING IT." The "this" in question is "stick an engagement ring firmly into the top of a biscuit nestled between the lucky recipient's bacon and hash browns." At 304,000 likes and counting, everyone else seems to be losing it, too. (Except for the people who are mocking the pedestrian location for the proposal, all of whom can respectfully go to hell.) Best of all, other food service veterans chimed in to share their own odd requests from customers who wished to plant engagement rings in the food.

"When I was bartending a few years ago, a dude asked me to drop the ring in her drink," replied user @ajasax. "But.....she ordered red wine. He insisted I do it anyway. She swallowed it." Sounds like a guy incapable of going with the flow.

Meanwhile, one user pointed out that some restaurants don't allow employees to honor such requests because of the choking hazard involved:

The fact that we don't know the details about this biscuit proposal is part of its charm. We're left to imagine why the diner requested it this way, what it feels like to shove a diamond ring into a breakfast platter, whether or not the recipient said yes, and what sort of spread the couple might have catered for their eventual wedding. (The original poster has fabricated at least one viral Twitter thread in the past, but hey, even if this one biscuit is bogus, the stories it prompted are surely authentic.) If you have ever been asked by a perfect stranger to assist in the most important moment of their life, we want to hear every detail.