Last Call: We Really Love Fleetwood Mac

Pardon me while I dry-clean my caftan and book a flight back to Chicago for this Fleetwood Mac pop-up bar. The bar/event, Rhiannon, is a tribute to (queen forever) Stevie Nicks and features cocktails, music, and duh, tarot card readings. Be still my heart. [Kate Bernot]

Fleetwood Mac’s best song

I'll be right there with you, Kate! My family wore out our 8-track of Rumours in our Country Squire station wagon when I was a kid. Since then I too have been permanently mesmerized by Stevie Nicks, and also by people on Pinterest who make art featuring Stevie Nicks with cats and birds and horses. I am happy to see the band pop up on soundtracks from The Americans to Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2. I spied a Twitter debate recently about the best Fleetwood Mac song, but c'mon: As much as I love them, is there really more than one answer for this? [Gwen Ihnat]