Last Call: Time Announces One Very Simple Way To Eat Healthier

Surrounded by Christmas cookies and candy and planning big meals ahead, some of us are grappling for ways to balance out our holiday diet with something less artery-clogging. So I spied with interest this headline in Time today, designed exactly for people like me to click on it: "Here's One Simple Way You Can Start Eating Healthier." And that simple way is: Cook at home! Well, luckily I work here, so I'm trying to do that more often anyway as it's part of my job. Time points out that "if you're eating out all the time, it's really difficult to eat well," as restaurants add salt and other additives to make their food delicious. And even the processed stuff you might make at home, as you well know, isn't going to be as good for you as stuff from scratch. Kind of an obvious message, but still, an important one to keep in mind. [Gwen Ihnat]

Speaking of cooking at home...

I've settled into a steady home-cooking routine with my boyfriend (we live together), and I credit one easy app for all of it: Google Keep. We share two folders, one for the weekly meal schedule and one for a list of groceries. It keeps us on the same page in terms of when and what we're cooking, and whenever one of us has time to swing to the grocery store, we know just what we need for the week. Again, super simple, but it's done more to keep me on-track with cooking than anything else. [Kate Bernot]