Last Call: This Lego Machine Cooks Bacon And Eggs

Lego breakfast machine

I've seen some impressive Lego constructions before, but never one that could make me breakfast. [Kate Bernot]

Killing Eve

I'm so busy that I don't make a ton of time for TV watching (except for shows that I'm reviewing, naturally). But I am straight-up addicted to Killing Eve, currently airing on BBC America. Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer play a detective and a psychopathic killer, respectively, but it's not a cat-and-mouse series as much as it is two jungle cats sizing each other up. Be warned: Comer's kills are gory (but not gratuitously so)—but it's the mental weaponry and warfare between the two leads that makes the series so fascinating. It airs every Sunday night, but you can catch up on the first four episodes over at BBC America.