Last Call: This Is A Shameless Plug For Some Beautiful Takeout Merch

In my family—and I'm sure this will sound familiar to a number of you—the general consensus around gift-giving is that experiences are preferred over things. Restaurant gift cards, theater tickets, and airline drink vouchers are all fun little ways to encourage loved ones to have fun and live it up. On the flip side, things like wall art, throw pillows with inspirational phrases stitched on them, or potted plants all fall under the "gifts that feel more like responsibilities" category, and are generally avoided.

Well, this year is—wait for it—a little different. And suddenly an airline drink voucher is just a ticking time bomb counting down the minutes until it expires inside the wallet that you pretty much only ever take to the grocery store anymore. Experiences are out. Physical items, so long as they're useful, are back in vogue as a gift-giving option. And that's what The Takeout's online shop hopes to provide this holiday season: fun, functional stuff like hoodies, tote bags, and coffee mugs, all of which demonstrate a loving, obsessive approach to food. (That obsession is, of course, one that extends to all seasons.)

We've got some brand-new designs, some of which are pictured above, that come printed on a variety of products and in a range of colors. If we're all going to be hunkered down this winter, we might as well hunker in maximum style and comfort.

This has been a shameless plug for Takeout merchandise. We hope you enjoy—and if you have any ideas of products you'd like to see in our shop, don't hesitate to let us know in the comments.