Last Call: Thinking Way Too Hard About Chex Mix

After Thanksgiving Stuffing Chex Mix and Southwestern-style Chex Mex, the next best variety of Chex Mix is store-bought packaged Chex Mix, which unlike the homemade stuff has "fun" bits like teeny tiny breadsticks and not one, but two pretzel shapes. (They are not the same, and anyone who's ever had even a single bite of Chex Mix will understand this.) There are lots of fun ways to mix and match the pieces to make each bite a little bit different than the last. And, of course, it's a delight to rank them ruthlessly against one another, as Twitter users everywhere have predictably and admirably stepped up to do:

While Twitter has spent the better part of the past 24 hours arguing over which piece of Chex Mix is the best (rye chip FTW), I think a more compelling argument would be what combination of pieces comprise the perfect bite. What about a sandwich of square pretzel between two Rice Chex "buns"? A lilliputian crostini made from rye chips with a dollop of garlic herb cheese, topped with a Corn Chex crumble? Are there other innovative ways to make it seem as though two or more Chex Mix pieces are getting it on? Let's hear your best recipe for WunderChex in the comments.