Last Call: The Pleasures Of Walking Alone, Touch-Up Creme For Frizzy Hair, "Easy Lover"

The pleasures of walking alone

Maybe your best ideas come to you in the shower; mine come to me while I'm walking. This Brain Pickings piece distills a lot of great writing about the pleasures of solo walking, a pastime that I sometimes feel is past its time. I have to remind myself to take out my headphones, to resist the urge to call a friend, to just walk to get where I'm going. When I'm quietly on my way somewhere, it knocks loose new ways of seeing old situations. [Kate Bernot] 


Frizz-Ease Touch-Up Creme

This time of year is the absolute worst for my wavy hair and my hat head. Luckily for me, the women of the Onion keep a stash of John Frieda's Frizz-Ease Touch-Up Creme in the bathroom here. With my problematic mop, I have looked for the perfect hair product my entire life, and this one comes pretty close, as it tames my flyaways and pulls my frizzy self together with about a nickel-size dollop of styling creme. Highly recommended, at least until I can put my woolen hat away finally. [Gwen Ihnat]


“Easy Lover” live

Fuck you, "Easy Lover" is a great song. [Kevin Pang]