Last Call: The NBA Needs To Ditch The "Reverse Eating" Cam, And Fast

Look, not everything is a good fit for the Jumbotron. Replays of three-pointers? Absolutely. Aaron Rodgers failing to chug a beer? Yep. Children flossing? Sure. Grandparents flossing? Fine. Entire extended families flossing together, with Dad and Uncle Mike throwing in the occasional cocksure dab? If we must. But a Jumbotron that exposes us in our intimate moments of eating arena food is a Jumbotron that has betrayed us all.


J.E. Skeets, host of the NBA-centric podcast The Starters, recently tweeted a clip of the Milwaukee Bucks' ill-advised "reverse eating" cam in which hot dogs, nachos, and burgers appear to spout forth from spectators' mouths fully reconstituted. "This is a WEIRD cam, Milwaukee," he said simply. He is exactly right.

Is the Reverse Eating cam poised to become the new Kiss Cam? After all, it's no less intimate—perhaps even more so, with all that gooey nacho cheese in the mix. Above all else, we shudder to think about how fame-hungry fans might try to go viral with this one.