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Last Call: The Majesty Of 600,000 Dominoes Falling

In elementary school my favorite toy was Domino Rally, a D.I.Y. set of dominos you'd painstakingly build and satisfyingly knock over. If you've ever experienced the Rube Goldberg-joys of playing Mouse Trap, then Domino Rally is higher effort-higher reward. I loved it so much I asked for it on three consecutive Christmases.

I haven't tumbled any dominoes in a few decades, but I recently fell down a rabbit hole of watching others breaking domino world records. Two things I picked up: 1) Germans love it especially. 2) I can't help but watch with a tinge of anxiety, just knowing how long it took to construct and the threat of knocking one/all over that loomed.

The clip I've posted here is from Nov. 2018, when a German team built and knocked over 600,000 dominoes. It's the most ostentatious presentation ever, complete with Bruckheimer trailer music and unnecessary pyrotechnics. I love it. [Kevin Pang]