Last Call: The Bizarre Prehistoric History Of Bananas And Other Produce

I was unfamiliar with Sam O'Nella Academy's series of humorous historical videos, but was intrigued by this trending video today on "Why Produce Sucked." Basically, modern fruit and vegetables got to be the way they are via scientific selective breeding, so much so that it's like starting with a frog and then ending up with McDonald's The Grimace, according to the video. For example, the first watermelons were the size of a tennis ball and tasted rough and bitter. And cabbage, kale, Brussels spouts, and broccoli all were derived the same form of wild cabbage. I found it a pretty fascinating (and funny) watch over on YouTube today, offering a lot of food for thought for my next farmer's market visit. [Gwen Ihnat]

Look Around You

Are you looking for more strange, humorous British video in your life? Look Around You. No literally, that's the name of this satirical BBC show that spoofs educational videos, with episodes on Maths, Calcium, and Sports. My current favorite episode is the one on water (clip above). And I must give a hat tip to my friend Cecily who shared her Look Around You DVDs with me. Thants, Cecily. [Kate Bernot]