Last Call: The Best Profile You Will Read This Week Is About A Dachshund

February is a great month for dog profile writing, housing as it does both Puppy Bowl and the annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. This particularly wonderful dog profile comes from New York Magazine's fashion site The Cut, and if you're curious as to why a profile of a dachshund fits into a fashion and style site, well, you clearly haven't met Toskydox Marika Suertuda: "Throughout the judging she would sniff the ground, wriggle around, slide her body along, and along, and along, rolling her way forward while her handler held her leash. She allowed herself to indulge in her curiosity. She refused to hide her wild spirit. She was an inspiration." Indeed. [Kate Bernot]

Dive into the myriad layers of Russian Doll

I'm still not all the way through my binge-watch of the Netflix series Russian Doll, but that doesn't mean that it's not invading many hours of my waking life lately. With a plot akin to Groundhog Day, Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) keeps living the same day over and over, always dying at the end of it. That's confusing enough, but then she runs into Alan (Charlie Barnett), who's in the same situation. While the series gives you lots to ponder about your life choices and what you could change to see how things might shake out, it also serves as a tour de force for Lyonne, who's simultaneously riveting and hilarious. I'll be sorry when this viewing is at an end—but apparently there are a ton of clues regarding Nadia and Alan's dilemma that I can pick up on the rewatch. [Gwen Ihnat]