Last Call: That Dunkin' Coffee Beer Is Pretty Tasty

There are many gustatory delights that greet me on my return to New Jersey every December: I've already eaten my requisite bagel (many more to follow), called dibs on a package of Taylor ham in my mom's fridge, and sampled some of the East Coast beers I can't readily get my hands on in Montana. Last night, that included Boston-based Harpoon Brewery's collaboration with Dunkin, a coffee porter (I had it on draft). I have a soft spot for Styrofoam-swaddled Dunkin' coffee, and its mellow, crowd-pleasing flavors. There's nothing identifiably Dunkin' about the beer, except its eye-catching packaging, but it was a pleasant, rounded, low-bitterness, easy-drinking coffee porter that lightly tickled my brain's nostalgic neurons. I think it would be pretty good with doughnuts, actually. [Kate Bernot]