Last Call: Tell Us Your Canada Stories

We at The Takeout are proud to be kicking off Canada Week today, and we want to wish all of our Canadian readers a most happy Thanksgiving. As excited as we are to publish so many stories about Canadian culture and cuisine in the coming days, that's partially because we have a lot to learn: our staff simply hasn't spent that much time up North. I visited Montreal for five days a few years back (walking around in the rain and trying to remember my French); associate editor Aimee Levitt has me beat at a full week (she spent her time meeting colorful expats and discovering excellent Chinese food); and staff writer Allison Robicelli has never had the pleasure of visiting Canada at all, but is quick to point out that she enjoys hockey, John Candy, Letterkenny, and The Terror. Needless to say, we'd love to expand our education.

So, tell us your stories! Maybe you were born there; maybe you're a frequent tourist gathering intel for your bagel blog. Maybe you're a hiker who can tell us just what exactly gives Lake Louise its impossibly pristine glow. Whatever fondness you have for Canada, that's something we want to share in.