Last Call: Tell Us Your Best Labor-Saving Kitchen Hacks

I love the modern miracle that is the dishwasher, but I don't always trust it. My last place had one that just never wanted to work properly: some days it failed to drain, other times it didn't deploy the detergent pellet, and often its spray arms were clogged and stuck. But the dishes always came out of the malfunctioning machine looking almost the same as properly cleaned ones, so it took an eagle eye and a sniff test to determine whether your dishes had been actually washed or merely wet. Most of the time, this was too disgusting and horrifying to think about, and I put it out of my mind. Because I had to keep using the dishwasher. The irritation it saved me every day was worth the risk.

Earlier today, we wrote about a viral dishwasher life hack on TikTok and how it promised to leave dishes "bone dry." After two attempts, I was forced to conclude that the hack was, in fact, wack. It didn't leave my dishes any drier, and it didn't leave me feeling confident in TikTok kitchen hacks. But why turn to TikTok for such reassurance when we have a readership full of clever, resourceful people? Let us know your best dishwashing strategies, your fridge-arranging tips, your never-fail tactics for fishing crumbs out of the crevice between the stove and the counter—anything that you do in your kitchen each day that others might consider novel and genius. We thank you in advance for your shared wisdom.