Last Call: Tell Us About Your Special Weekend Breakfast

Hello and welcome to the scariest weekend of the scariest year of our lives! Not only is it Halloween, it's a full moon, and a blue moon, known in the Old Farmer's Almanac as the Full Hunter's Moon on Friday night and Saturday, morphing into Full Beaver Moon (aka Deer Rutting Moon, aka Digging/Scratching Moon) on Sunday. This is also the weekend when Daylight Savings Time ends and the clocks fall back. And, of course, if you are in the United States, the last weekend before the presidential election, after which pundits, based on our experience with the last election, are expecting all hell to break loose.


If there was ever a time to comfort ourselves with food, this might be it. And since breakfast is officially (declared by me) the most comforting meal of the day, this is the weekend for us to pull out all the stops. We offered a suggestion this morning and another one last week. But I recently discovered that I can get doughnuts delivered to my apartment, so I am going to do that. And then maybe make some waffles and this loaf cake for further eating during the week.

How about you? What is your biggest, bestest, stay-in-bed-and-eat-all-day breakfast? We all desperately need to know.