Last Call: Summer's Halfway Over, So Get Out There And See Some Live Music

It's usually around this time of year that summer is halfway through and I realize I haven't checked out near enough bands yet. So then I usually go on a but of a tear. Last night, I was lucky enough to catch Panic! At The Disco at the United Center and was frankly blown away. Brendon Urie puts on a hell of a show, which includes fireworks, shooting flames, and at one point, a piano floating across the stadium. Over the weekend, I took my son to see his first concert—Kesha and Macklemore, which, come to think of it, also had fire and lasers (also, backup dancers). Tonight I'm off to see Dinosaur Jr. with my husband, which will be on a much smaller scale (and in a much smaller club). But am psyched nonetheless to catch as many shows as possible before summer's end. [Gwen Ihnat]

Ryan Adams and First Aid Kit

The best show I've seen this summer—and what a venue!—was Ryan Adams and First Aid Kit at Red Rocks last month. Their individual sets were great, but when their powers combined on "Come Pick Me Up" (above) as the evening's cool breeze finally settled over the amphitheater—pure magic. [Kate Bernot]