Last Call: Strangers With Candy, Chicago's Greatest Food Courier, Girls Generation

Strangers With Candy

It's recently come to my attention that not every person on earth has seen Strangers with Candy, an amazing early-2000s show starring Amy Sedaris and a young Stephen Colbert. The show lasted a tragically short three seasons, but it lives on in DVD form. As I've lately been trying to explain its peculiar charm to people, this YouTube supercut of the show's best "moral lessons" has come in handy. [Kate Bernot]

Chicago’s greatest food courier

Chicago has a bike-share citywide program called Divvy that's convenient—except for the fact that the bikes weigh about two tons, requiring superhuman strength to load them in and out of the racks. So I've always found it easier to just use my own bike, until it got stolen last summer. But I was still intrigued by the story of 2017's biggest Divvy user, published in the Chicago Reader, who biked 6,000 miles using Divvy while making food deliveries. Kerdia Roland found using Divvy easier than having to worry about his own bike getting stolen, or having to maintain it, so he used the service while delivering food all over the city. The Reader describes, "A lifelong Chicagoan who grew up in Streeterville, Roland transports everything from Big Macs to pricey French-Vietnamese cuisine from Le Colonial in the Gold Coast. While he mostly works in the Loop and River North, deliveries have taken him as far afield as Lincoln Park, Pilsen, and Hyde Park." When I bike-commute (rarely), it's 15 miles roundtrip, and pretty much takes everything out of me for the rest of the day; Roland averages 17 miles every single day, so I found his story really inspiring. "I really love this job," Roland told the Reader. "It's a source of joy and satisfaction, and it's an adventure for me every day." Maybe it's time to give Divvy another try until I replace my bike in the spring. [Gwen Ihnat]

“Gee” by Girls Generation

Last week I was editing this story about clarified butter, and seeing so many references to ghee made me think of this song, "Gee" from the Korean girl group Girls Generation. Have you heard of this song? If you haven't, you may be in the minority. It's an insane viral sensation that's been viewed nearly 200 million times, and even if you don't understand a word, it's catchy as all hell. [Kevin Pang]