Last Call: So, Uh, Any Plans Tomorrow?

Tomorrow is Election Day. You knew this already. You have no doubt equipped yourself with important information on how to vote safely this year, and your voting plan is either being executed tomorrow or already has been, at one of your area's early voting sites. In any case, we wish you all well in exercising your right to vote!

We at The Takeout want to know what you've got planned tomorrow, beyond the ballot box. Are you going to treat yourself to a special "I Voted!" meal? Do you plan to stress-eat as you watch the returns? Will you perhaps distract yourself by baking some presidential desserts? Or maybe you're visiting a polling place that's serving up meals of its own and don't even have to wait until you cast your vote to enjoy a nice dinner. Whatever your day holds, we want to hear about it. Good luck out there, everyone, and see you on the other side.