Last Call: Show Us Your Pets Chowing Down

You've likely seen the age-old callout on Twitter: "Share your pet pics, please!" or "Having a rough day. Could use doggos." These tweets, tossed so casually into the Twitterverse, open the floodgates through which every pet owner secretly anxious about posting an excess of dog or cat content passes, sprinting into view with their best shots of their fur-babies. "Myrtle is here to wish you well!" one caption might read above a surly-looking tabby. A glamor shot of a crazed Pomeranian might accompany the text, "Cinnamon Bun is having a good hair day!" On and on, all day long, everyone bringing their A material to remedy the OP's bad day.


It's not a bad day over here at The Takeout by any means, but it's a well-earned Friday for us all, and to cap off a long week, we decided there's nothing we'd like more than to see pictures of your pets, chowing down on some grub. Of course, this can be food meant for pets or a bit of human food absconded with by your clever animals; we just want to see them blissed out on tasty treats. Here is our own hungry animal hall of fame:

Now, show us all the Very Good Boys and Girls in your lives, preferably as they enjoy their favorite snack.