Last Call: Regale Us With Your Best S'mores Hacks

My only complaint with s'mores is that they're a bit of an unwieldy treat. The contrasting textures are nice—gooey marshmallow, creamy chocolate, crispy cracker—but the structural integrity of a s'more is laughable. Take a single bite, and you're lucky if half of the top graham cracker doesn't give way entirely, falling with a gloppy, marshmallowy plop onto your camp chair. Maybe I haven't found the optimal way to approach my first bite, or maybe others have experienced this same problem and don't care because they eat these campfire treats out in the unfancy wilderness and can wash their sticky chocolate hands in a nearby creek if they really need to. (Or they were smart enough to pack wet wipes.) Either way, it's fair to say that s'mores, as delicious as they are, have room for improvement.

We at The Takeout have provided a list of such improvements ourselves, with a genius compilation of professional chefs' best tips for building better s'mores. This summer, Summit Daily News out of Summit County, Colorado has provided its own creative recommendations, and I must say, I'm furious with myself for never before considering the s'moreo. It was right there in front of me all along.

I'm now convinced that there's an entire world of s'mores hacks that I'm missing out on. Do you have any tricks up your skewer, whether you invented them yourself or read about them in a long forgotten issue of Family Circle? Just as importantly, are there any widely touted hacks that you've tried and would recommend against? I'm a little skeptical of mixing Andes mint chocolates with marshmallow and graham cracker, for example. But I'd love to be told just how wrong I am to doubt its deliciousness.

While I wait for fresh inspiration, I'm going to put a shopping list together. Maybe I'll buy Teddy Grahams, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips in order to build baby bite-sized s'mores and save myself the hassle (and inevitable laundry) of biting into a full-sized version.