Last Call: Ramen Beer? Ramen Beer.

I am on board with beer and ramen; give me a hearty tonkotsu and an Asahi Super Dry and I'm a happy camper. The city of Vancouver, though, seem to want to push the beer-and-ramen pairing as far as its logical boundaries will allow: Today, I learned Vancouver is home to not just beer ramen (a chilled bonito broth with ramen served in a stein so that it resembles beer) but ramen beer (an altbier brewed with actual ramen noodles, both fresh and dried). I'd actually be interested in trying the latter. [Kate Bernot]

Skyscraping daredevils

I'm deathly afraid of heights, and yet when I watch these Russian daredevils scale skyscrapers with no protective harnesses, that queasy rumbling in my stomach is rather addicting. See how many times you say "Ohhhh Jesus" watching this. About 17 for me. [Kevin Pang]