Last Call: Point Me To The Nearest Nap Store

Of all the confounding things about having children, the fight over naps may have confused me the most. Why would anyone fight one of life's ultimate pleasures? Even animals get that naps are awesome, but small children, for whatever reason, do not. Also, I thought I liked napping before I had kids, but now I'm continually so exhausted it's one of my greatest indulgences if I can actually squeeze one in on a weekend afternoon ("Sure, you guys can watch Captain Underpants again, just be verrrrrry quiet").

So I read with great interest this account in Vogue of a visit to a new nap store in Manhattan called The Dreamery (owned by Casper Mattress). Writer Brooke Bobb reports that "on top of a 45-minute sleep session, they offered Sleepy Jones pjs (not to keep), Sunday Riley beauty products (those you can take home), eye masks, earplugs, and a toothbrush and paste (you can have those, too)—and all for $25." Sounds like a steal. Bobb left her workplace to take a nap in the middle of the day and said that she felt refreshed and decompressed afterward. Fortunately, Takeout editor Kevin Pang has gone on the record (well, Twitter) as being pro-workday nap, so I just need a handy, quiet couch somewhere (all the conference rooms here are usually pretty busy). If I had a million dollars to throw at a franchise. I would toss it at the genius idea of a mid-day nap store. [Gwen Ihnat]

Nap dreams

I'm amused by bullshit New Age-y stuff like horoscopes, incense, caftans, and interpreting my own dreams, so I'm a big fans of naps. That's because I always remember my dreams better after naps than after a hard night's sleep, and it turns out I'm not alone: most people remember dreams better when our sleep is short or interrupted. Huh. So while it might suck to toss and turn in the middle of the night, there's perhaps a silver lining: better dream recall. [Kate Bernot]