Last Call: Please Vote, America

Yes, I am one of those assholes who has not early voted yet, despite ample opportunities to do so. (I keep waiting to get my judges' lists set.) So I will stand in line for likely several hours tomorrow and will be happy to, executing this important citizen privilege and make my voice heard. Be sure to make yours heard as well! Maybe this SNL voting ad will help inspire you. Plus, The A.V. Club has a list of great podcasts so that you (and I) can while away the time while in line. Gizmodo offers a number of ways to get free and discounted rides to the polls. So, no excuses. Just get out there. [Gwen Ihnat]

[Note: The A.V. Club and Gizmodo, like The Takeout, are owned by Univision Communications.]

Vote, then go see Free Solo

Need a little break from politics (after voting, of course)? I saw Free Solo this weekend; it's a breathtaking—literally, you may catch yourself holding your breath—documentary about 33-year-old Alex Honnold, who in October became the first person to "free solo" the 3,000-foot granite face of Yosemite's El Capitan. That means he climbed the entire thing alone, without any ropes, harnesses, or safety equipment—just his hands and some chalk. It's one of the most incredible feats I've ever watched on film, and a very satisfying 90 minutes of nail-biting escapism. [Kate Bernot]