Last Call: Please Accept This Image Of Joe Biden Delivering Pizzas

Hi. Hello there. Good afternoon! We thought your Tuesday could do with a photo of Joe Biden delivering pizzas to a Pittsburgh firehouse. Well, he's not delivering them so much as walking alongside the person delivering them. But, hey, he's got a mask on, he's highlighting the important work done by first responders, and he swung by to drop off the pizzas after stops at a steel mill and a robotics manufacturing facility. These are all customary moves for anyone hoping to be elected president in 63 days. It's just that, given everything that has come to define 2020, even customary campaigning this year feels a little bit newsworthy.


To anyone in the Pittsburgh area who's curious, the pizzas are from Mineo's Pizza House in Squirrel Hill, according to The Hill. The toppings, sadly, were not specified. (Can any of our readers attest to the quality of this pizza?)

Have presidential candidates rolled into your towns in election years past and dished up any local delicacies? Though Chicago deep dish is a cliche at this point, it sure would be fun to watch just about any politician attempt to eat this at the Chicago Pizza And Oven Grinder Co.