Last Call: Nick Offerman, Drew Barrymore, And Off-Key Toto

Will and Grace and Nick Offerman

I have had my ups and downs with NBC's Will And Grace return, but last night's episode was a great one, the first to make me LOL since the show's vintage days. A lot of the magic is due to guest star Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally's real-life husband, as he flirts with both Will and Grace, a first for the series. Check out my A.V. Club review for more: Enjoy! [Gwen Ihnat]


SZA Ctrl

This debut album from R&B artist SZA landed on nearly every music publication's best-of-2017 list, and it's become my default cooking playlist this winter. I appreciate the low-key, vibey palatability of the whole thing, but the lyrics are personal and lovely upon deeper listening. Stuck in a snow-icane? Put on "Drew Barrymore," pour a glass of wine, and get lost stirring a risotto. [Kate Bernot]


Toto’s “Africa” with vocals out-of-tune and off-beat

Here is the single most infuriating version of Toto's "Africa" you'll ever have the pleasure/displeasure of listening. [Kevin Pang]