Last Call: New Way To Waste time—The Procrastibake

Time to procrastibake!

Trust me, I'm a writer. My whole life is about procrastination. Want to have homework for the rest of your life? Embark on an exciting writing career. But unfortunately, when I'm putting off deadlines, I'm usually immersed in bullshit like Words With Friends, Twitter, or Instagram. When I could be procrastibaking! According to this recent New York Times article, "Why Work When You Can Procrastibake?": "Procrastibaking—the practice of baking something completely unnecessary, with the intention of avoiding 'real' work—is a surprisingly common habit that has only recently acquired a name. Medical students, romance writers, freelance web designers: Almost anyone who works at home and has a cookie sheet in the cupboard can try it." And some procrastibakers are getting quite a following on Instagram, under the #procrastibaking tag.


I totally get it: It's a way to appear constructive and turn your brain off while actually doing something fun. Best of all, it doesn't involve a screen, and will make small people happy when they get home from school. And taking a break for just that little bit might recharge my harshly overused creative circuits. Now, what should I procrastibake: Banana bread? Cookies? Even more pie? [Gwen Ihnat]

Pasta grannies!

How wholesome is this? I've just stumbled across this YouTube cooking series called Pasta Grannies in which charming elderly Italian women show the host how to make pasta. One of them has her own donkey! Brb, planning my Sicilian vacation. [Kate Bernot]



Have a great weekend, everyone. Be good to one another. [Kevin Pang]