Last Call: Netflix Will Debut An Entire Series About Dogs, Called Dogs

File under "shut up and take my money:" Netflix will launch a new docu-series Friday, November 16, called Dogs, and it is about dogs. It features the tales (and tails! ugh, I'm sorry) of six dogs from around the world, including a Siberian husky separated from his owner, a Syrian refugee now living in Germany. Netflix describes the show as "sentimental, heartfelt, feel-good, emotional." I call it Kate's new favorite thing. Please pass the tissues. [Kate Bernot]

An excellent cherry cider for the winter months

Having embraced the world of dry ciders, naturally I was on board for Virtue Cider's tasting event this past weekend for the release of its new Michigan Cherry brand. Virtue boasts that the cider features a "blend of hand-pressed heirloom Michigan apples and local cherries aged in French oak barrels." Cherry adds a considerable richness to even the dry cider of Virtue; this cider was somehow simultaneously light and refreshing with an effective coziness. The cheeriness of the cherry brings to mind the winter months in all the best possible ways, and I have a new favorite drink to bring holiday parties. Virtue is mostly available in the Midwest and in limited amounts across the U.S., but check the company website or your local fancy beer store to see if you can get it near you; it's worth the search. [Gwen Ihnat]