Last Call: Let's Share Our Favorite Food Poems (And Tortillas)

The Chicago writer José Olivarez published a poem in The Atlantic yesterday called "Ode To Tortillas." It is lovely, an ode not just to tortillas, but also to being Mexican and Mexican-American, and how there's no one way to be something. Take a few minutes to read it. I love it, especially this part:

there's infinite ways to eat a tortilla:made in the ancient ways by hand& warmed on a comal. made with cornor with Taco Bell plastic. (what about flour tortillas?)flour tortillas count if you ask San people i am poly with the can eat tortillas with your hands or roll them up& dip them in caldo like my mom can eat them with a fork and knifelike my bougie cousins do. (what bougie cousins?)(i made them up for the purpose of this poem.)"

What do you think is the best way to eat a tortilla? Tell us in the comments, and then share more of your favorite food poems.