Last Call: Let's End The Week On A Good Old-Fashioned News Blooper

It's been quite a week, hasn't it? Or is that just boilerplate that we can stick at the end of every Friday of our current existence and have it sound about right? Or can both things be true? (I mean, my god, doesn't it feel like weeks ago that we were talking about mayonnaise?) In any case, we need a Last Call that can end the week right. Something to carry us into the weekend with a bit of levity.

So we did some digging. And Aimee Levitt found just the thing to make me laugh out loud at my Slack screen today: a tweet from August about a newscaster accidentally speaking into a giant turkey leg as if it's her microphone.

Thank you, NomeDaBarbarian, for bringing this important GIF to our attention. In actuality, this perfect local news moment comes to us from 2017, when WBAL-TV, a Baltimore-area NBC affiliate, sent Lisa Robinson to report on the Maryland State Fair. There's a chance that this microphone switcheroo was done intentionally in jest, but Robinson's reaction seems too genuine (by local news standards, certainly) to be a bit. I love it. I wish she took twice as long to notice.

We hope you enjoy this GIF all weekend long. And for those of us who didn't make it to the drive-thru state fair this year, seeing this turkey leg reportage is a nice way to pretend we did.