Last Call: Ja Rule And Gyros, A Most Delicious Pairing

Sometimes pop culture gives us something so magical, so magnificent, so ethereally beautiful that even I, a professional smart-ass, have nothing to say about it. There's nothing I could possibly say or do to improve upon a new commercial starring the one and only Ja Rule.

The commercial was produced as part of a new TBS series, Celebrity Show-Off, a home video reality competition featuring stars like Tori Spelling and Jason Mraz. As for Ja Rule's contribution to the show, the man behind the infamous Fyre Festival decided that he wanted to shine a light on the hardships that small businesses are currently facing. Thus, he has put his entrepreneurial skills to use to help Papa Cristo's, a Greek restaurant in Los Angeles, by filming an over-the-top ad that has already gone viral. Now that he's seen some success with this modest green-screen production, maybe Ja Rule can go help out some other restaurants that could really use his Midas touch. Watch the full segment below, and start brainstorming all the cuisines that Ja Rule should rep next.