Last Call: Is Your Couch Being Held Up By A Can Of Beans?

It's been five days and I can't stop thinking about how Amber Ruffin's couch is being held up by a can of beans.

Amber Ruffin is, of course, doing far more than a good job. She's not only a writer and star of Late Night with Seth Meyers, but now, thanks to this tweet, she's given the world a most beautiful gift: the ability to prolong the life of a slowly dying sofa with materials already on hand. Teach a man to fish, and he will avoid West Elm for a lifetime.

Who knows how long this can of beans might diligently hold its post beside an underperforming couch leg? Is a can of Goya red kidney beans designed to withstand the pressure of an entire Oscars party or Super Bowl gathering? If not, I guess you can always just grab another can from the pantry and wedge it to the other side of the leg—strength in numbers. Will the rim of the can cause irreversible damage to the carpet fibers underneath? Even if it does, replacing a rug is much cheaper than replacing a sofa. This bean hack is more brilliant the longer you stop to consider its beautiful simplicity.

I've also read that filling up a hole in a wall with a bottlecap can help patch the hole if spackle alone won't get the job done. It's no can of beans, but it's a nice, resourceful solution. Then there was the great ramen noodle porcelain sink repair video, which was most definitely a hoax but too satisfying not to rewatch again and again.

Do you have any home repair hacks that originate in the kitchen?