Last Call: I Wish To Join The Taco Bell Drawing Club

The most recent issue of the New Yorker includes a quick profile of The Taco Bell Drawing Club, a somehwat ad hoc group of artists and not-artists who have met weekly for years at a Taco Bell in New York City. "I totally can't draw, but this provides a way to focus on doing one thing, which is nice," says one member. This sounds lovely, I think, like a modern-day Gertrude Stein salon, but with chalupas. Sign me up. Though on second though, I'd probably just get Fire sauce all over my masterpieces. [Kate Bernot]

Hey, why did this orange turn purple?

This is the kind of thing that would send me straight to the ER, no questions asked: An Australian mother was concerned after she sliced an orange for her 2-year-old son. He ate a few slices, and then the remaining slices turned purple.


Although no one fortunately suffered any ill effects, still, what a food mystery! Thankfully, science has revealed the truth to us, according to the BBC. Test "results revealed that anthocyanins—a naturally occurring antioxidant in oranges—had reacted with iron particles from the newly sharpened blade" in the knife. Thanks, science! Good to know in case you also ever come across some strange rainbow-shaded fruit. [Gwen Ihnat]