Last Call: I Discovered My Favorite Use For Stackable Wines

Varying brands of stackable wines are regularly on the end-cap displays at my grocery store. Sometimes I even see them on sale individually for a dollar, which I'm not entirely sure is legal. Anyway, I don't usually buy them, because I'm not crazy about the wine inside all that much, but a realization dawned on me yesterday as I was shopping for risotto ingredients: those stackable wines are perfect for cooking. My risotto recipe only called for a cup of wine, and I wasn't looking forward to buying a whole bottle which would eventually oxidize in my fridge. (I try not to make a habit of drinking an entire bottle of wine on a Wednesday.) Perfect solution: individually sealed wine cups. You're welcome. [Kate Bernot]

Don’t go hang-gliding

This YouTube clip making its round features the charmingly comic title "Swiss Mishap," but it is no joke. It features a first-time hang-glider who, due to his safety harness not properly attached, leaves the ground with only his hands grasping onto the bar. It may be the most stomach-churning video you'll watch all week, even if—spoiler alert—he survives the ordeal to post the video. I'm gonna go dry heave over the office toilet now. [Kevin Pang]