Last Call: How To Go Viral With 10,000 Liters Of Coca-Cola

YouTube influencers are often associated with pranks and cheap gags calculated to go viral and gain the poster fame and fortune while requiring as little effort as possible. This is certainly not the case for Mamix, a popular Russian vlogger (actual name Maxim Monakhov) who recently unveiled a viral video sensation that took four years to execute. Behold, 10,000 liters of Coca-Cola activated with baking soda to create a massive geyser:

The 20-minute video is not only beautifully shot—with 11 million followers of the "It's Mamix" page, this is the production quality we can expect—but involves an entire team of fellow lab-coated sidekicks, all of whom collaborate to custom-build a vat large enough to contain thousands of liters of soda. As the New York Post explains, a pulley system is used to release baking soda into the Coca-Cola supply, which causes a reaction that produces bubbles of gas—untold amounts of gas. The explosive reaction lasts for so much longer than you might expect. It's worth it to watch it through to the end, not only to see the eruption (which starts around the 17-minute mark), but also to experience the pure elation of those involved in the stunt, euphoric and drenched in sticky cola. If you've ever attempted a bit of kitchen science on even a fraction of this scale, you can bet we want to hear about it.