Last Call: How Many Towels Do You Have?

If you went away from Twitter for a few hours over the weekend and then returned (haha, like that would ever happen), you may have been surprised to find that your feed had been entirely taken over by discussions about towels. Abdul Dremali, co-host of the Unreasonable Podcast, posted the seemingly totally reasonable question above: "What is the correct amount of towels to own?"

The answers soon spread widely all across Twitter. Some leaned toward the voluminous side, sparking new questions about storage and what exactly constitutes a "bath sheet."

Other answers seemed to rest solely on whether or not you have dogs or not, which will necessitate more towels.

Even famous people chimed in.

I already know my own towel collection is a hot mess, with many towels ready to be exiled to dog territory. And I don't even have a dog. I also have a lot of swag towels from press tours: Hallmark puts out some really nice ones. Basically, I learned that I really need to Marie Kondo my linen closet, stat. And I need more hand towels. [Gwen Ihnat]

Abducted In Plain Sight, a warning

Some movies or TV shows are better the less you know about them. (Netflix's wonderful Russian Doll, for one.) But others could use a disclaimer, a bit of warning that they are about to mess with your head and possibly turn you in a psychological mess for the remainder of your day. Exhibit A for me: Netflix's Abducted In Plain Sight, a documentary about an Idaho girl kidnapped by a family friend. I like true crime, but this 90-minute documentary got inside my head in a disturbing, persistent way. I'm not discouraging you from watching it, I just want you to know how troubling it is before you do so. PS: My household of two people owns 10 towels and two bath sheets. [Kate Bernot]