Last Call: Hot Yoga, Cute Dogs, And Pro Wrestling Commentator Oprah Winfrey

Bagel dogs

I'm not supposed to follow any new dog accounts on Instagram. I put myself on probation after realizing there are more Labradors than humans in my feed, but I broke my own rule this week for @ebdogs4096. Natasha, who runs the account, works at an Einstein Bagel in Florida and posts photos of the sweet bagel-loving dogs who visit the drive-through with their humans. Good doggos, each and every one of them. [Kate Bernot]


Bikram yoga

My latest health kick includes some fitness classes that I'm attending for the first time in a few years. This week a friend invited me to a "hot yoga" class. I've yoga'ed before but this was my first hot class: Known as "bikram," it takes place in a room that gets up to about 105 degrees. I double-checked to make sure that I had my water bottle, but for someone just getting back into fitness, it was pretty great. The class focused more on holding poses for longer periods of time rather than incorporating a lot of movement, and the high temperature made my muscles super-stretchy. Afterward, I felt extremely relaxed, and the next day I wasn't even sore: a first for me post-yoga. [Gwen Ihnat]


Professional wrestling commentator Oprah Winfrey

Please enjoy this clip from 1985 where future President Oprah Winfrey commentates a WWF pro wrestling show. [Kevin Pang]