Last Call: Have You Ever Gotten Free Fast Food Just By Asking?

This week on TikTok, the @lotto.boys account posted a video of a very useful looking life hack (their words, not ours!), one that @lotto.boys had seen previously on TikTok that involves getting free food from your favorite fast food joints. By going in near closing time and asking for "the waste," it seems as though you'll just be given some free food, no questions asked. Is it that simple?


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"Can we have the waste?" the person in the video is seen asking an employee of Little Caesars, who, without even breaking stride, heads to a warming case, grabs a few boxes of pizza and a couple bags of what is presumed to be crazy bread, and places them on the counter for the customer.

"Oh, thank you," says the person in the video, who seemingly can't believe their good fortune as they head out the door with the bounty.

In a 2015 Reddit thread delightfully titled "Little Caesars Trash Pizza," the phenomenon is investigated by curious deal-hunters. Is it true that the restaurants throw away all the unsold pizza at closing time, and passersby need only ask for it? According to one former employee, "They didn't throw it out until the NEXT day. It would sit in the garbage can all night and until the trash needed to be emptied the next day. Employees had the option of taking it home rather than putting it in the 'waiting bin,' if no one wanted it then the next day it was tossed." However, this is at odds with what's seen in the TikTok video, where the pizza boxes are pulled from tidy-looking cases along the back wall.

Have you tried this, either at Little Caesars or other fast food places? What's your best free food story?